Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice 2kg

Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice 2kg

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Don't make yourself feel bad by paying too much for Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice 2kg. Do what thousands of others do when buying dog food and compare prices below to find the cheapest price available online. Buy with the confidence you wont be paying too much!

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Burns Dog Food

Burns is a British company that produces simple, high quality dog food diets developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns. All Burns dog food diets are hypoallergenic, naturally preserved and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Burns Pet Nutrition takes an ethical approach to dog food manufacture and has never conducted experiments on animals. Other benefits of Burns dog food can be found here.

Dog Food Ingredients

Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice Ingredients Brown Rice (43%), Chicken Meal (23%), White Rice (12%), Chicken Oil, Oats, Peas, Sunflower Oil, Fish Meal, Vitamins & Minerals, Seaweed. AnalysisProtein 21. 0%, Oil 11. 0%, Fibre 2. 0%, Ash 7. 0%, Vitamin A 10000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 1500 iu/kg, Vitamin E 80 iu/kg, Moisture 8%, Copper 15mg/kg, Sodium 0. 13%, Calcium 1. 45%, Phosphorus 0. 90%, Magnesium 0. 1%, Potassium 0. 4%, Chloride 0. 2%, Sulphur 0. 15%

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It's a fair assumption that you're here because your dog food of choice is Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice 2kg. The prices shown in the comparison table above give a good example of how each merchant follows their own specific pricing policies. The first bit of good news for you as a consumer is that Burns generally set RRP prices much higher than those displayed in our price comparison. The second piece of good news is that our average saving per product is just £7.91 at the moment. This obviously varies in 'real-time' as our merchants change their prices, but some products can save you up to £15! So if you are looking for cheap dog food then we are confident you'll be happy with our help.

As you'll have seen above today's cheapest price for Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice 2kg is £3.05.

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